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Behler-Young is the distributor for Bryant equipment for residential and commercial applications. When it's time to replace or upgrade a homeowner's heating and cooling system, reliable and durable products offered by Behler-Young are your answer. Take a look at our wide range of Bryant Evolution®, Preferred™ and Legacy™ Line options.

To get the perfect combination of energy efficiency and cost savings, take a look at our line of all-star Bryant gas furnaces, from the top-of-the-line Evolution® Series 95s AFUE modulating gas furnace with PerfectSense™ temperature functionality, or our Evolution® Series 96 AFUE with Perfect Heat™ and Perfect Humidity™ . Whatever your needs Behler-Young has it for you. Call today to speak with one of our specialists for more information.

How Behler-Young Goes to Market With Bryant

Behler-Young has chosen to market the Bryant brand with a focus to grow market share. B-Y partners with dealers that identify their businesses with the Bryant brand. We support marketing programs that drive dealers’ sales into more profitable, higher efficiency products and increase Bryant market share in Michigan and Northwest Ohio. When Bryant dealers increase their sales it makes them more profitable plus helps Behler-Young meet its goals. The Dealer wins and B-Y wins.

Behler-Young sees value in supporting dealers’ marketing efforts that capitalize on the Bryant brand. The concept of a “brand” plays an important role in the consumer market. Connecting the dealership to a well-known national brand like Bryant allows dealers to leverage that strength.

Behler-Young balances its goal of increasing market share with the dealer’s goals in the defined market area. It is best to reach market share with the existing dealer footprint. B-Y, working with the current dealers, continues to identify market areas where additional dealers are needed due to the size of the market and the opportunity for growth.

Attributes of a Successful Bryant Dealer?

  • Store Front
  • Professional Image & Clean Uniforms
  • Clean & Nicely Painted Trucks with Logos
  • Licensed & Insured
  • Trustworthy
  • Expert in Residential HVAC Installation
  • Advertises
  • Trains Personnel for Technical Excellence


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