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Behler-Young provides extensive technical support, training, and accreditation services, with dedicated and accessible associates. Our Commercial and Residential quoters have over 61 years of experience. We have rooftop replacement experts that can help contractors select the right curb adapters, provide design assistance, submittal drawings and quote everything on the job. Each call will be handled by our qualified quoters who provide effective and efficient solutions for jobs requiring technical expertise. They will offer the latest technology available at an affordable price.

We also quote large residential projects, just call Kevin Scholts at 586-779-8093 or Erik Kuehn at 586-779-2080 who quote both commercial and residential jobs.


Phil VanZalen
800-968-4950 ext 3413
26 years experience
Kevin Scholts
12 years experience
Erik Kuehn
15 years experience


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