UPC-80F MFG #: UPC-80F-1

The Unico System® UPC-80F-1 Outlet Kit, For Use With 2 in Duct, 1 in Fiberglass Plenum

The Unico System® Outlet Kit, For Use With: 2 in Duct, 1 in Fiberglass Plenum

The UNICO SYSTEM® sound attenuator tubing is supplied in 12-ft (3.6-m) lengths for branch runs between 5 and 12 ft (1.3 to 3.6-m). The attenuator tubing is sold in kits and include all the necessary components to complete a duct run from the plenum to the conditioned space. For branch runs over 12 ft, use at least a 3-ft (1- m) sound attenuator (UPC-26C) coupled to the aluminum core supply tubing (UPC-25).

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1 in Fiberglass Plenum
2 in Duct