COMPRESSOR 208/230/3 R22 R407C A/C 54,000 BTUH COPELAND

ZR54K5E-TF5-830 MFG #: ZR54K5E-TF5-830

Copeland® ZR54K5E-TF5-830 Three Phase Scroll Compressor, 53500 Btu/hr, 208 to 230 VAC, R-22/R-407C/R-134a Refrigerant

Copeland® Scroll Compressor, Three Phase, 53500 Btu/hr Nominal Capacity, R-22/R-407C/R-134a, 208 to 230 VAC, 17.1 A Rated Load, 7/8 in Suction Line, 1/2 in Discharge Line, 3MA POE Compressor Oil, 6.5 in Dia x 16.4 in H, Domestic

The Copeland Scroll ZRK5 compressor is designed for both residential and light commercial markets. It's also been optimized for post-2010 R-22 service and continued OEM system production for exports. Copeland Scroll ZRK5 compressors use polyol ester (POE) lubricant to further increase application compatibility with both R-22 and hydro fluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerant applications like R-407C.

  • Type
  • Nominal Capacity
  • Refrigerant Type
  • Voltage Rating
  • Amperage Rating
  • Suction Line Size
  • Discharge Line Size
  • Compressor Oil
  • Dimensions
  • Domestic/Import
Three Phase
53500 Btu/hr
208 to 230 VAC
17.1 A Rated Load
7/8 in
1/2 in
6.5 in Dia x 16.4 in H