3 Tips To Improve Lead Generation From Your Website

Create a Compelling Call to Action

The most important thing to keep in mind in improving lead generation from your website is you need to give the potential customer a reason to allow you to earn their business. Powerful calls to action are two-fold:

  • First, you have to tell the customer exactly what you want them to do, whether it’s to pick up the phone and call a specific number or to click on a link and fill out a form.
  • Second, you have to give them a strong enough reason to choose you over someone else. That could be a free estimate, a free service agreement with the purchase of new equipment, or whatever you think separates you from the guy across the street.

Use a Contact Form

The internet allows homeowners to reach out to many HVAC/R contractors, and that really puts the onus on the contractor to provide great customer service and contact the homeowner. By providing a contact form on your website, you can collect the information you need from the homeowner and call them back quickly, armed with the necessary information to wow them.

It’s important to keep the form short and only ask them for pertinent information. If the form is too long, a homeowner may simply bypass your website and move onto your competitor.

Key information to gather:

  1. First and Last Name
  2. Phone Number
  3. Email Address
  4. Reason for inquiry

These 4 pieces of information allow you to start a new CRM profile for this lead. You can collect their address and other important details during your follow up call.

Track Your Phone Calls

There are many services out there that help you track, record and score your calls. CallTrackingMetrics is just one such option. The way this works is simple: the service provides you a secondary phone number, you list this number on your website or any other advertising that you want to track for success in delivering leads to your business. The service will also create a portal for you where you can see exactly who called when they called, how they found your trackable phone number and you can listen to a recording of how that phone call went. This gives you insight into any gaps there might be in your customer service or sales departments and provides you with the information you need to help your team improve and close more sales.

Bonus Tip!

Don’t forget to leverage social media and Google AdWords to drive traffic to your website in the first place. A successful digital marketing campaign hinges upon three things: having a compelling call to action that separates you from the competition, tracking and understanding the data you are collecting, and reacting quickly to the leads that come in.