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Industry Analysis: Line Set Code Changes

Date: 6/1/2018

Behler-Young prides itself on being up to date with the products we sell making sure we have our customer’s best interest in mind. Michigan Energy Residential Code M1411.6 Insulation of refrigeration piping states that refrigerant piping & fitting vapor lines must have insulation with a minimum thermal resistivity of an R-4 value. Because of this, in January we decided to only offer line sets with a ¾” insulation that meet the R-4 rating to stay compliant with current code.

Additionally, code N1103.3.1 Protection of Piping Insulation calls for the exposed portion of the line set to have a protective cover to prevent insulation from UV as well as physical damage. To accomplish this Behler-Young offers the Airex 72-C in a 6’ length and 750-C in a 75’ length to protect the ¾” insulated lines.