Terms & Conditions


Please call any branch or stop in at any branch for current pricing.

Sales Policy-Wholesale Only

Generally, Behler-Young sells only to duly licensed contractors. Identification may be required of purchasers. Behler-Young reserves the right to limit the sale of selected products to firms and/or individuals that have demonstrated a minimum level of competence with these selected products because of the complex electrical and mechanical technology of some equipment. Behler-Young will only sell to firms or individuals who have completed an acceptable training program, or have otherwise demonstrated that they have experienced and competent personnel to install and service such equipment. Possession of Behler-Young’s catalog does not constitute an offer to sell by Behler-Young, or the right to purchase from us.

Behler-Young and its employees are not licensed installers or system designers and are not authorized to provide any assistance that requires a license. While our employees will try to be as helpful as possible to meet your needs, all responsibilities for product performance rest with our suppliers; and all responsibilities for installation rest with our customers.


Available upon request. Any quotation prepared and submitted by Behler-Young is subject to expiration within 30 days unless otherwise stated. Therefore, quotations are subject to prices and other terms prevailing at the time of shipment. All quotations reflecting special prices must be in writing, specifying quantities and other essential information and signed by an authorized Behler-Young representative. Contact any Behler-Young branch associate for more information.

Payment Terms

For purchasers with established credit, terms are 1% 10th Prox, Net EOM, with Prox defined as the 10th day of the following month and with End of Month defined as the last working day of each month. A 1 ½% service charge (18% per annum) will be applied to any balance past due under our normal credit terms. If credit is not established, please contact the Credit Department at (616) 531-3400 for a credit application. Behler-Young accepts the following methods of payment at point of purchase: cash, money order, check, American Express, MasterCard, and VISA. All payments must be made in U.S. dollars. Credit cards are not permitted for payment on account balances.


Behler-Young assigns any and all warranties made by the manufacturers of the products we sell to our customers. Warranty information is available upon request. Customer shall inspect the product and give notice of any non-conforming goods or defective products within 30 days from delivery.

Warranty Disclaimer

Behler-Young hereby disclaims any and all other warranties including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. A customer’s sole and exclusive remedy in connection with products sold by Behler-Young is against the manufacturer or other suppliers of such products. In no event will Behler-Young be responsible for incidental or consequential damages.


No goods or materials may be returned for credit without prior written authorization. Materials must be in resalable condition and the invoice number and date on which the material was originally purchased must be furnished. No returns will be accepted beyond 30 days after the delivery. Where the return is occasioned by causes other than an act of omission by Behler-Young, a handling charge will be assessed. The handling charge will be 15% of the cost of the merchandise or $1.00, whichever is greater. No material will be picked up from a customer without a properly written Behler-Young return authorization. In-warranty material must be properly tagged in accordance with the original manufacturer’s policies.

Warranty Returns

Behler-Young will assist customers in making returns by manufacturer warranties provided that all necessary information is submitted regarding the sale and installation of product. When the unit has been installed, written authorization from Behler-Young or the manufacturer may be required prior to removal.

Freight Claims

All claims for materials delivered via common carrier or small parcel carrier must be made with the freight company. 1) Carefully inspect all packages for damage. Match all parts to the packing list for shortages or missing pieces. 2) Note any damage or shortage on the freight bill and have the driver sign it. 3) Notify Behler-Young with the complete information regarding the shipment. 4) Contact the freight company and ask that an inspection be made for damaged merchandise. Keep a copy of the inspection report for the claim. 5) File the claim promptly. Behler-Young will gladly assist in the completion of the document or communication with the freight company for these claims. 6) When ordering replacement products, let us know we will do everything possible to expedite the order.

Sales Tax

Behler-Young is required by law to charge applicable taxes to all customers for whom a Sales Tax Exemption Certificate has not been provided.


Behler-Young delivers to most places in Michigan and Northwest Ohio on a regular basis. Behler-Young reserves the right to charge a delivery fee, at Behler-Young’s discretion. At our discretion, shipments may be made on a regular delivery date via common carrier with freight prepaid in lieu of delivery on our trucks. Shipments requested on dates other than our regular delivery schedules will be made FOB our warehouse.

Small orders may be shipped by small parcel carrier of Behler-Young’s choice with shipping charges added along with a $2 handling fee.

Any shortage or damage to materials delivered on our trucks must be reported to the driver or reported to the delivering Behler-Young location within 24 hours.

Behler-Young is not liable for any delay or failure in delivery when the delay or failure is a result of accident, fire, riots, strikes, weather or other causes beyond our control.

Customer Responsibilities

A customer of Behler-Young shall indemnify, defend, and hold Behler-Young harmless from any and all liabilities suffered or incurred by Behler-Young as a result of or in connection with any acts, omissions, or installations by the customer, its employees or agents, or otherwise connected with a product sold to the customer. Liability shall include costs, claims, damages, judgments, and expenses including attorney fees and costs.