Oxyset Mobile Brazing & Soldering System

The Oxyset is ideal for highly-mobile tradespeople or for working in hard-to-reach areas.


Lightweight construction makes the unit easier to carry than existing brazing setups

Torch, regulator & hose design makes the oxyset easier to use than existing brazing setups

The compact design leads to a small footprint meaning the oxyset takes up less space in your truck

Ultra-portable, contractor-grade brazing system


The kit includes the following items: Welding Torch, 2 x Check valves (torch end), Oxygen regulator with contents & pressure out gauge, MAP-Pro™ regulator with outlet gauge, 2 x Nozzles, Flint sparker, Spanner and 6.5ft Twin hose assembly.

Brazing Made Easy


One-Third the Weight and half the size of oxy-acetylene set ups

Uses MAP-Pro™ gas and pre-filled oxygen

No need to re-fill cylinders

All without sacrificing performance!