HVAC Scholarship

At Behler-Young we understand the importance of skilled trades in our communities, and we appreciate those who learn and perform in the HVAC industry. The Larry Mullins Memorial $1,000 HVAC Scholarship is open to students who have been accepted and/or enrolled in an accredited HVAC program. 

Spring 2023 applications are now open! 

Application window closes May 31, 2023

All winners will be chosen by June 15, 2023             

Apply for this scholarship by filling out the application here.                                               

The Larry Mullins HVAC Scholarship is a division of B-Y Cares. View the B-Y Cares 2022 Report to see all the great things we've worked on this past year! 

Previous Scholarship Winners


Fall 2022 | Spring 2022

Fall 2022

  • Juan Garcia

    Grand Rapids Community College

    I chose to go into the HVAC industry because I know how essential and exciting the job can be. I spent six years in the military which helped me become the person that I am today, and I hope to make everyone proud working in HVAC.

  • John Trombley

    Washtenaw Community College

    After I served in the Army, I needed to find a trade working with my hands and after researching, I found that HVAC was the best fit for me. I have been in the HVAC program at WCC for almost a year and working in the field for just over 7 months and love it. I am thrilled to receive the scholarship from Behler-Young!

  • Daniel Colon-Crespo

    Ferris State University

    I want to pursue a career in HVAC because I've always loved learning about applied science and how things work. Here at Ferris, I've gotten the opportunity to find out how HVAC combines hands-on elements and technological concepts, and I'm really excited to pursue a career in the HVAC industry.

  • Delron Rembert

    Northwestern Technological Institute

    I am a father of two teens and making them proud is my mission. I chose to pursue a career in HVAC because it's a staple in human life, and the industry will be around as long as we are. As technology advances we'll have the pleasure and obligation to grow with it.

  • Joseph Ball

    Northwestern Technological Institute

    Going into HVAC/R is really about giving myself the opportunity to learn practical skills that I can use to help people. I’m learning things I've always wondered about and appreciate Northwestern Tech for giving me knowledge and life skills to start a fulfilling career in this field. I hope to make the most of my education by eventually starting my own business and helping my community.

  • Anthony Melendez

    Mott Community College

    One of the main reasons I chose HVAC is because of the projected growth of this field in the next ten years. We are living in a time where HVAC is needed in almost every aspect of life. There is so much work available and I can take this degree almost anywhere in the world and not hurt for work.

  • Raymond Bowman

    Mott Community College

    I enjoy working with my hands and applying what I learn, and most importantly I like helping people. I want to pursue a career in HVAC because there is a need for HVAC service technicians all around, and I can help fill that need. I know what it's like to be without reliable heat and air, I figure I can help people fix those problems so they don't have to go through that. I also want to find a career and job in a company that I can take pride in and enjoy.

  • Austin La Vigne

    MIAT College of Technology

    Ever since I was a boy I have always loved working with my hands and figuring out the way things work -- if there was a problem, I would try to solve it! I’ve always wanted to learn more and grow my skills, and I see myself in the future owning my own business in northern Michigan.

  • Rachael Hill

    Northwestern Technological Institute

  • Michael Krause

    Northwestern Technological Institute

Spring 2022

  • Robin Kendziorski photo

    Robin Kendziorski

    Ferris State University

  • Fredrick Ortiz photo

    Frederick Ortiz

    Northwestern Technological Institute

  • Jaclyn Dobbie photo

    Jaclyn Dobbie

    Lansing Community College

  • Harvey Khuwi

    Harvey Ian Khuwi

    Ferris State University

  • Horacio Orozco

    Horacio Orozco

    Northwestern Technological Institute

  • Erika Stiles

    Erika Stiles

    Oakland Community College

  • William Staples

    William Staples

    Grand Rapids Community College

  • Nick Brown

    Nicholas Brown

    Northwestern Technological Institute

  • Damon McKenney

    Northwestern Technological Institute

  • Vaughn Robinson

    Northwestern Technological Institute