HVAC Scholarship

At Behler-Young we understand the importance of skilled trades in our communities, and we appreciate those who learn and perform in the HVAC industry. The Larry Mullins Memorial $1,000 HVAC Scholarship is open to students who have been accepted and/or enrolled in an accredited HVAC program. Apply for this scholarship by filling out the application here

Spring 2023 application information will be coming soon!                                                                 

Previous Scholarship Winners

  • Robin Kendziorski photo

    Robin Kendziorski

    Ferris State University

    I am entering my last year in the HVACR Engineering Technology and Energy Management program, and I could not be more excited about my future in HVAC. I have worked as an intern in the field for three summers and it has fueled my love for the industry. Over the course of my career, I hope to have opportunities to inspire other young women to pursue careers in the trades industry. Thank you for your generosity in funding this scholarship; I am so grateful to have been chosen as a recipient.

  • Fredrick Ortiz photo

    Frederick Ortiz

    Northwestern Technological Institute

    I'm thankful that the hvac industry had room for me to join and I am thankful for Northwestern Technological Institute for giving me this opportunity and a newfound purpose in life.

  • Jaclyn Dobbie photo

    Jaclyn Dobbie

    Lansing Community College

    I have chosen my career path in HVAC, because I would like to see a future with more gender diversity in the trades and I’d like to be able to teach other young women to be more mechanically inclined and be able to problem solve HVAC issues in their own homes.

  • Harvey Khuwi

    Harvey Ian Khuwi

    Ferris State University

    I am about to get my BSC degree in HVACR Engineering which will help me in the near future to open up more opportunities in the industry and perhaps one day to open up my own HVACR business in America so that I’ll be able to help other people.

  • Horacio Orozco

    Horacio Orozco

    Northwestern Technological Institute

    I’m currently attending Northwestern Technological institute, in order to pursue my career goal of becoming an HVAC technician. I work commercial HVAC full time while attending night classes, and I hope to gain as much knowledge and experience as possible when I graduate to be able to give back to my community and most importantly make my mother proud.

  • Erika Stiles

    Erika Stiles

    Oakland Community College

    I am enrolled in both classes, and a summer service department internship for Dee Cramer through my college. The classes at OCC gave me the foundation to understand HVAC principles, and the internship provides me with real-life exposure and training to more competently participate in both service calls, and preventative maintenance. I am grateful to Behler-Young for this scholarship. This scholarship will allow me to move along for several semesters of my HVAC program, and will allow me to devote more time to my classes and studies. Thank you, Behler-Young!

  • William Staples

    William Staples

    Grand Rapids Community College

    I chose to pursue HVAC because I would like to help with sustainable energy and making sure people are comfortable in whatever setting they are in. I am hoping to be an refrigeration engineer or a project engineer and make my mark in the world!

  • Nick Brown

    Nicholas Brown

    Northwestern Technological Institute

    I chose to pursue an HVAC career because I have always enjoyed working with my hands and figuring out how things work. I plan on starting my own heating and cooling business in ten years so that I can offer quality services to my community. Thank you very much, I am honored to receive the Larry Mullins Memorial Scholarship.

  • Damon McKenney

    Northwestern Technological Institute

  • Vaughn Robinson

    Northwestern Technological Institute