B-Y Values


Behler-Young is an incredible place to work. This has been said and validated repeatedly over the years by many on our team. Our core values provide insight into what makes this place incredible - they embody who we are and what is important to us.

“We care about others.” We consider what is best for the team before what is best for ourselves. We are genuine with one another and don’t mask our true intentions.

B-Y team members consider the impact of their decisions on other departments before putting them into effect; this is a team effort.

“We do the right thing.” We hold honesty and integrity in high regard and we demonstrate this in our daily interactions with one another as well as with our customers and vendors.

B-Y team members do not stay quiet when they see an issue that should be corrected, no matter who benefits from the correction.

“We pursue great rather than good.” We don’t settle for “good enough,” we are not content with average. We continually learn, continually improve, and continually drive to get desired results.

B-Y uses various forms of data to continuously drive improvement throughout the organization.

“We do whatever it takes.” We find a way to get the job done. We go above and beyond while always doing the right thing.

Things don’t always go according to plan. If there is ever an issue, we immediately respond with our Superior Customer Service.

This is what it means to be someone that works at B-Y.

B-Y Cares

Behler-Young has always been proud to create a positive impact on our team members and the communities in which we serve. In 2022, we formalized our actions into B-Y Cares, which is focused on two distinct areas: Our Team and Our Communities.

B-Y Cares for Our Team introduced a fund for urgent financial situations, parental leave, and eldercare leave. B-Y Cares for Our Communities offers a paid day of service to our team members, an HVAC scholarship for those attending an accredited HVAC school, equipment donations, and a budgeted $1,000 for each B-Y branch location to make a donation to a local non-profit that aligns with our Core Values.

Through these small but significant gestures, we can live out the B-Y Core Values of Caring About Others, Doing the Right Thing, Pursuing Great Rather than Good, and Doing Whatever It Takes.

View the B-Y Cares 2023 Report to see the great things we've worked on this past year! 

Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

While we feel that the workplace should not be a platform for political or social views and beliefs, we fiercely subscribe to our Core Values as non-negotiables as they relate to diversity. This being the case, we issue our diversity statement based on our Core Values in order that we may unify ourselves behind it.

Our number one Core Value is ‘’We Care for Others,” and with that comes respecting and celebrating both what makes us different and what brings us together as a team.

“We Pursue Great Rather than Good” through inviting and examining different perspectives, pushing us to deeper thinking.

We recognize it is a collection of unique individuals that influences innovation and creativity in the workplace. We commit to nurturing a culture where diverse voices are empowered, and team members are embraced for who they are.

What do we mean by “diversity?”

This graphic summarizes nicely what we mean by diversity. It is allDiversity & Inclusion the below facets coming together for one picture. We are complex individuals; we are not just part of one group. We want to respect and appreciate all the things that make us who we are.

From a practical day-to-day, our desire and expectation is that our Diversity Statement be manifested in the following ways:

  • Seeking common ground, while honoring and celebrating our differences.
  • Listening and learning from one another
  • Looking out for the wellbeing of our fellow team members
  • Standing up for what’s right, even when it’s difficult or uncomfortable

Our Commitment to Safety

Safety is one of our greatest responsibilities. At B-Y, the health and safety of all is the highest consideration. Leadership team members make safety a matter of ongoing attention and improvement. Likewise, every team member is charged with the responsibility of supporting this Safety Commitment. All team members adopt the concept that the safe way to perform a task is the only acceptable way to perform it.