ASA MFG #: 5070
  • Color/Finish: White
  • Container Size: 12 oz
  • IsInactive: false
  • Odor/Scent: Strong Mint
  • VOC Content: 378 g/L

Duro Dyne® 5070 Synthetic Resin and Copolymer Mixture Web Adhesive, Spray Can 12 oz Container, Aerosol, White, 0.724

Duro Dyne® Web Adhesive, Synthetic Resin and Copolymer Mixture, Spray Can, 12 oz, Solvent Base, Composition: Acetone, Propane, Dimethylether, n-Hexane, 2-Methylpentane 3-Methylpentane, Aerosol, White, Strong Mint, 0.724 Specific Gravity, -156 deg F Flash, 378 g/L VOC, Flammability: 4

Duct liner is typically attached to duct walls by two fastening methods; one with mechanical fasteners and the other with adhesive. Mechanical fasteners are utilized to prevent delamination of the liner while adhesives bond the liner to the metal ensuring that air flow can not intrude between the two materials. The choice of an adhesive is affected by several factors some of which are; the method of application, acceptable dry time, solvent type. Duro Dyne DTWA is a fast tacking, quick bonding solvent base aerosol spray duct liner adhesive. It may be used for bonding low and high density duct liner or wrap to the interior or exterior of metal ductwork. Duro Dyne. DTWA bonds rubber, fiberglass, plastic, and other types of insulation to steel.

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378 g/L
Strong Mint
-156 deg F
Synthetic Resin and Copolymer Mixture
12 oz
Spray Can
Acetone, Propane, Dimethylether, n-Hexane, 2-Methylpentane 3-Methylpentane