Our Company


Behler-Young employs over 220 associates in our Corporate Office, Distribution Center and 18 branch locations in Michigan and Northwest Ohio. Why should you become a Behler-Young associate? Behler-Young is honest and ethical in all of its business dealings. Behler-Young provides a competitive wage and benefits package, including profit sharing. Behler-Young provides the opportunity for growth and development within each position, as well as opportunities for promotion from within. Behler-Young is the largest distributor of heating and cooling products throughout Michigan and Northwest Ohio; we are a recognized leader in the HVAC/R™ distribution business.

Who Is B-Y?

B-Y is a third generation family-owned business with a mission of satisfying the needs of our customers through wholesale distribution. We strive to be the highest value provider of HVAC/R™ products and services in our market.

Our Vision is a HIGH-PERFORMANCE WORKFORCE providing SUPERIOR CUSTOMER SERVICE, which enables us to DOMINATE OUR MARKET in order to further support and empower our dealers.

B-Y represents hundreds of manufacturers and we serve thousands of customers throughout Michigan and Northwest Ohio, through 18 branches and a 150,000 square foot distribution center in Kensington Park.


Meet The Team

Our History

First Generation

John E. Behler and Wayne H. (Brig) Young grew up in nearby Lowell, Michigan, became lifelong friends and founded the company in 1926, in a building located at Bond and Trowbridge in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The friendship between John and Brig grew into a successful business partnership. When the two were not hunting and fishing together, they built a business that survived the depression and World War II. They complemented one another – John the outside salesman and Brig the inside manager. Together they shared a strong sense of business integrity and honesty – a heritage that has lasted 90 years.

Second Generation

After returning from serving during World War II, Jack Behler and Dick Young took over the family business. Jack, ran the manufacturing component – very high-quality sheet metal pipe fittings and Dick saw to the growth of the distribution business by increasing the number of warehouse locations across Michigan.

Third Generation

Under the leadership of Doug Young, Behler-Young has continued a commitment to the ethics, quality, excellence, and teamwork that have characterized the company since its inception. B-Y officers and associates have been involved in many civic, community and industry organizations. We are especially proud of our associate's participation in United Way Campaigns and as community volunteers. The Young Family has served as President of the Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce, the Michigan Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Wholesale Distributors. Doug Young has been selected to head HARDI, a major industry distributor organization.

Behler-Young has been a major provider of business and technical training for contractors and thousands have attended classes held throughout Michigan. We have created a world-class system of distribution and delivery capabilities and for the past 25 years a network of Bryant dealers that provide outstanding sales, installation, and service to businesses and homeowners through our service area.