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REHAU® RAUPANEL® Panel, 72 in L x 6 in W x 0.06 in Thk

REHAU® RAUPANEL® Panel, 72 in Length x 6 in Width, 0.06 in Thickness, Aluminum

RAUPANEL high-performance heat transfer panels are designed for radiant heating systems for new construction and retrofit installations. These heat transfer panels are used in radiant floor, wall and ceiling heating to efficiently and evenly distribute the heat from REHAU RAUPEX® pipe into the room. Panels are installed between the subfloor and the finished floor. Walls and ceilings may be used to increase the heat output of a room; panels are installed between the joists and the wall or ceiling covering in these applications. Patented RAUPANEL aluminum panels have a special groove design that allows pipe to be snapped into place, maintaining excellent thermal contact for conductivity. Silicone or other filler materials are not required. Typically, components are secured to the subfloor or wall/ceiling joists and then the 3/8 in. RAUPEX pipe snaps into place. Pipe spacing can be 6 in or 8 in on-center, or a combination of both depending on the piping layout. RAUPANEL components are 5/8 in thick. RAUPANEL is protected by US Patent No. 6,283,382 B1. Radiant floor heating systems are quieter than many other heating systems, but no one can ever guarantee that a heated floor will be noise free. By following proper installation practices and observing all manufacturers' recommendations, noise during heating system operation can be minimized.

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