4191-08 MFG #: 4191-08
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Nu-Calgon Evap-Green™ 4191-08 Coil Cleaner, 1 gal Bottle, Liquid, Clear Green

Nu-Calgon Evap-Green™ Coil Cleaner, Bottle, 1 gal, Liquid, 1 Specific Gravity, Clear Green

Nu-Calgon has developed the Green Select products with all natural ingredients derived from vegetable esters and other eco-friendly resources. All of the Green Select products have been tested extensively to ensure the highest level of performance while utilizing "green" ingredients. In addition, the products are biodegradable and will not harm plants, animals, and aquatic life. More importantly, we use only natural and renewable resources that are on the EPA's Designed for the Environment list of acceptable "green" ingredients. Evap-Green's outstanding cleaning ability will quickly remove dust, dirt, and debris that is typically found on evaporator coils. By using Evap-Green, an all natural cleaner, the coil is being cleaned with the most environmentally friendly product available on the market.

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