AWF5530EXT 208/230/3 A/C R22 2-1/2hp

AW508RT-098-J7 MFG #: AW508RT-098-J7
Air Conditioner Reciprocating Compressor; Item Reciprocating Compressor; Size 10.253 Inch Length x 8.9925 Inch Width x 13.143 Inch Height; Used On Item Air Conditioner; Applicable Standard UL (Canada and US); Release Variant 6; Voltage Rating 200 to 230 Volt AC at 60 Hertz 3-Phase; Current Rating 63.4 Amp (Locked Rotor), 8.2 Amp at 60 Hertz (Rated Load), 12.8 Amp (Maximum Continuous Current); Power Rating 2-1/2 HP; Capacity 30000 BTU/Hour; Refrigerant Type R22; Motor Resistance 1.28 Ohm (Main); Connection Size 3/4 Inch ODF (Suction Line), 3/8 Inch ODF (Discharge Line); Refrigerant Type R-22; Oil Type Polyolester; Motor Starting Torque Normal; Compressor Cooling Fan; Return Gas 65 Deg F; Evaporating Temperature Rating Point 45 Deg F; Ambient Temperature Rating 95 Deg F; Application High Back Pressure/Air Conditioning
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Air Conditioner
UL (Canada and US)
Reciprocating Compressor
10.253 Inch Length x 8.9925 Inch Width x 13.143 Inch Height