PIN RIB 1-1/2" (3000 PACK) DURO DYNE

CPB-150 MFG #: 26031
  • Diameter: 0.15 in
  • IsInactive: false

Duro Dyne® CP Rib Pins® CP Series Weld Pin, 0.15 in Dia

Duro Dyne® CP Rib Pins® Weld Pin, Series: CP Series, 0.15 in Dia, 0.015 to 0.017 in Thickness

Duro Dyne Insulation Fasteners provide a means of securing duct liner to the duct work. They are available in a variety of styles, which all feature a precision formed point to insure constant penetration of the duct liner. Once the duct liner is pierced, the fastener is in firm electrical contact with the duct work and the pinspotter current securely welds the fastener in place. Duro Dyne Insulation Fasteners are for use with MF, PBF, FG, RH, FGMH, and HSMH pinspotters.

  • Thickness
  • Series
  • Diameter
  • IsInactive
0.015 to 0.017 in
CP Series
0.15 in