COMPRESSOR SAVER 1 2 3 TON 88 TO 105mfd 5-2-1 INC (25)


CPS® Compressor Saver CSRU1 Hard Start Kit, 208 to 240 VAC

CPS® Compressor Saver Hard Start Kit, 208 to 240 VAC

Reduce the amount of time required to stabilize the compressor during start up and you will reduce the length of time the compressor is exposed to damaging heat. 5-2-1® Compressor Saver® accomplishes this by providing your compressor with a precise "boost" during the critical start up period. As a result, the compressor stabilizes faster, length of exposure to damaging electrical heat is reduced and ultimately the compressor life is extended.

  • Voltage
208 to 240 VAC