• Suitable For Use With: Air Conditioning Coil
Air Conditioning Coil Anti-Freeze Up Controller; Type Controller; Used On Air Conditioning Coil; Voltage Rating 24 Volt AC; Includes 4 Inch Wire Lead; Temperature Rating 150 Deg FThis Anti-Freeze Control, Model AFC, provides simple economical protection of the air conditioning coil to prevent coil freeze-ups. The AFC attaches to the suction line near the evaporator coil. When the AFC senses the suction line temperature fall below 38°F it opens the Y circuit to the compressor relay, shutting off the compressor. The coil is still cold and the fan will still be operating providing cooling. When the suction line temperature rises above 48°F the AFC closes and allow the compressor to come back on to provide cooling. The AFC has a fixed differential of 10°F that will provide a several minute delay while the suction line warms up. This prevents the compressor from short cylcing.
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Air Conditioning Coil