FUSE 35amp 250v (82039) MARS (10)

FRNR-35 MFG #: 7-CRNR35
  • Fuse Amps: 35
  • IsInactive: false
  • Series: Class RK5
  • Type: Time-Delay
  • Voltage: 250 VAC 250 VDC

With SmartSpot you'll find the open fuse FAST. When a fuse opens, the SmartSpot indicator on the label of the fuse senses it and turns from SILVER to eye-catching RED. And it stays RED so you can spot the open fuse quickly and safely. Just open a panel and scan. Wherever you see any red in a SmartSpot indicator, you know the fuse is open. This is a big advantage to contractors/service personnel because it helps them to identify very quickly what fuse needs to be changed thereby avoiding costly downtime. You'll find SmartSpot on all of the most widely used industry standard fuses such as Class RK5, RK1, and Class J.

35A 250 FUSE TR35

  • Type
  • Voltage
  • Standards
  • Diameter
  • Speed
  • Element
  • Interrupt Rating
  • Body Style
  • Fuse Amps
  • Indicating
  • Body Material
  • Series
  • Length
  • IsInactive
250 VAC 250 VDC
0.8125 in
200kA IR AC 20kA IR DC
Class RK5
3 in