• Amperage Rating: 10
  • Dimensions: 13-3/4 in L x 10-3/10 in H x 9-2/5 in W
  • IsInactive: false
  • R-134a Liquid: 10.14 lb/min
  • R-134a Push-Pull: 15.87 lb/min
  • R-134a Vapor: 0.46 lb/min
  • R-22 Liquid: 10.36 lb/min
  • R-22 Push-Pull: 16.62 lb/min
  • R-22 Vapor: 0.62 lb/min
  • R-407C Liquid: 11.93 lb/min
  • R-407C Push-Pull: 17.61 lb/min
  • R-407C Vapor: 0.55 lb/min
  • R-410A Liquid: 17.2 lb/min
  • R-410A Push-Pull: 20.5 lb/min
  • R-410A Vapor: 0.55 lb/min
  • Voltage: 115 VAC

The G5Twin? is designed for use with all common refrigerants including R410A, R-134a, R-22 and R-407C. The G5Twin? is capable of?pumping both liquid and vapor without any need for throttling, cutting down on overall recovery time.?The G5Twin? is a machine in a league of its own!

At only 24 lbs, the industry-leading G5Twin? recovery machine is capable of handling the tough demands of industrial and commercial refrigerant recovery - no job is too big for this mighty workhorse. Designed for use with all common refrigerants, including R410A, the G5Twin pumps liquid and vapor without the need for throttling. The G5 features twin cylinders, twin condensers, a refrigerant-isolated crankcase and a turbine fan blasting over 700cfm+ of airflow for a cool, durable, and powerful operation. The G5Twin? will always be built with one goal in mind: to be the recovery machine for every job big or small. Even after its release in 2004, the G5Twin? is still the fastest recovery machine on the market. It is built to last, as each machine is required to pass many rigorous durability tests. We continue to research ways to make every job go quicker because we want you to have a quality machine that doesn?t need to be ?babied.? Along with the fastest recovery rates in the business, the G5Twin? is also completely field serviceable, durable, lightweight, and easy to use (make sure to view our Fast Recovery Series videos for the best practices). The standard has been set with the G5Twin?!

The one, the only, the industry leader! The revolutionary G5Twin? is an incredibly powerful machine capable of handling the demands of both industrial and commercial refrigerant recovery jobs in a compact and easy to carry size.?

  • R-410A Liquid
  • R-410A Vapor
  • Standard
  • Width
  • R-407C Vapor
  • R-22 Push-Pull
  • R-134a Liquid
  • R-410A Push-Pull
  • Dimensions
  • Height
  • Temperature Rating
  • R-134a Push-Pull
  • Weight
  • R-407C Liquid
  • Voltage
  • R-134a Vapor
  • R-22 Liquid
  • Hertz
  • R-407C Push-Pull
  • R-22 Vapor
  • Amperage Rating
  • IsInactive
17.2 lb/min
0.55 lb/min
9.4 in
0.55 lb/min
16.62 lb/min
10.14 lb/min
20.5 lb/min
13-3/4 in L x 10-3/10 in H x 9-2/5 in W
10.3 in
50 deg F
15.87 lb/min
24 lbs
11.93 lb/min
115 VAC
0.46 lb/min
10.36 lb/min
17.61 lb/min
0.62 lb/min