HEAT PUMP RISER PAD 36in x 36in x 8in

HP3636-8 MFG #: HP3636-8
  • Depth: 32 in
  • Height: 8 in
  • IsInactive: false
  • Width: 32 in
Provides an effective base for heat pump equipment installed in snowy climates. Rather than a combination of a typical 2" (or 3") equipment pad and 6" heat pump risers, the Heat Pump Pad" provides a full 8" of elevation in a simple square footprint. The star pattern of the integral risers allows for installation of equipment with different size footprints up to 36" X 36" Also included are eight anti-vibration pads uniquely designed to fit into the guide slots on the top of the integral risers. The base is sloped outward to allow for easy drainage of condensate or defrost cycle condensate when the outdoor coil is operating in heat pump mode. Injection molded from concrete gray, recycled polypropylene material, the Heat Pump Pad" is environmentally friendly and designed to last longer than the equipment it supports.
  • Width
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Depth
  • IsInactive
32 in
18 lbs
8 in
32 in