• Number of Zones: 4
  • Suitable For Use With: 24 VAC Damper Motor

Zonefirst® MASTERZONE™ MZA2 Zone Control Panel Adder, Domestic

Zonefirst® MASTERZONE™ Zone Control Panel Adder, LED Display, 4 Zones, For Use With: 24 VAC Damper Motor, Domestic

The MasterZone Control Panel is the only panel needed to provide multiple zone control of any forced air heating and cooling system. The MZS4 panel is compatible with any type of thermostat and controls up to 3 stages of heating and cooling as well as heat pumps. It is expandable up to ten (10) zones by adding the MZA ZONE-ADDER panels. Built-in LEDs provide continuous system operation readout and color coded screw less terminal blocks provide easy wiring. Standard single stage thermostats can be used to control two-stage and heat pump systems. Built-in second stage time or the number of zones calling brings on the second stage and the ZPS sensor provides capacity protection control for the HVAC Unit. The MZ panels have a built-in self resetting fuse to protect the transformer. Other features are zone indicator lights, adjustable heating high limit temperature for ZPS sensor, override button for time delay and a re-boot button for quick re-start. The MZ panels operate the HVAC Unit based on a first call from any zone. Once a zone is calling for a particular mode, the MZ panels will not allow an opposite call for a maximum period of 20 minutes or possibly less based upon the time the unit was running in that mode when the opposite call was made. This Intelligent Changeover Feature is a unique feature of the MZ panels.

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24 VAC Damper Motor