VR2 MFG #: 4002
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  • Material: Steel
  • Width: 4-1/2 in

Duro Dyne® 4002 VANE RAIL®, 100 ft Continuous Coil L x 4-1/2 in W, Steel, Galvanized, Domestic

Duro Dyne® VANE RAIL®, 100 ft Continuous Coil Length, 4-1/2 in Width, Steel, Galvanized, Domestic

Air traveling through a duct is slowed up when it encounters a right angle turn of an elbow or a T shaped fitting.. This "slow-up" can disrupt the air flow and is detrimental to the efficiency of the duct system. Therefore air turning vane assemblies are used to guide air evenly around such turns. These assemblies are comprised of turning vanes, which are often fabricated by the contractor, and rails which are supplied by the manufacturer with embossing and pre-stamped slots to position the turning vanes.

Duro Dyne Vane Rail is specially embossed adding strength and sturdiness to the finished section. Vane Rail can be used to make quality turning vanes for any size elbow including change of size elbows.

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100 ft Continuous Coil
36 lbs
4-1/2 in
22" x 22" x 5" when rolled