Furance Control Programming and Navigation


We are entering a new era in gas furnace controls for Bryant and Payne furnace models 915S, 916S, 926S, PG92MSA, and PG96MSA (Legacy and Preferred) series. These enhanced controls will offer improved serviceability and accessory for A2L mitigation. They will be equipped with an on-board 3-digit display with push button navigation for the adjustment of operating parameters, diagnostics, and service. The control board must be powered to use the display and push buttons. Upon startup, the control will alternate displaying the Model Program Number (PRG) and Software Version (uEr). The control board has been programmed at the factory with a Model Program Number specific to the furnace product number. The correct Model Program Number is shown on the furnace rating plate. The system’s status is displayed after startup or after no control buttons have been pressed for 60 seconds. Status Code LED will also be illuminated or blinking when displaying the system status. The codes which indicate the current operating mode of the system are shown in it's installation instructions.

NRC and Supported App Method


This furnace control board is also equipped with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology which allows the adjustment of operating parameters, diagnostics, and service via a field-supplied mobile device with NFC capability and supported mobile app. Remove 115-V power from the furnace control board to use this method. Additional instructions and help may be available through the supported mobile app. 

Control Board Replacement


If the control board must be replaced, the new board must be programmed with the correct Model Program Number before the furnace will operate. Do NOT program the control board with a Model Program Number different than what is specified on the rating plate. The control may be programmed by either of these approved methods: 1. Use the supported mobile app to flash the model program onto the board using Near Field Communication (NFC). Scan the QR code in the manual for more information and a link to download the mobile app. 2. Use the correct Super Plug (available from distributor / replacement component) for the control board to copy the correct model program onto the new board. Further details and instructions for these programming methods are provided with the replacement control board.

Behler-Young will have these new control boards included in our 2024 training schedule. Please refer to our training schedule for available dates or contact the B-Y customer assurance team with any questions.