The Benefits of Infrared Heating

Gas-fired Infrared heating is becoming a popular heating option, because of the superior energy savings, comfort level, design flexibility and lower carbon footprint. Infrared heaters heat like the sun by heating objects and do not waste unnecessary heat by attempting to heat the surrounding air. By minimizing wasted heat, customers see significant energy and cost savings year after year.

Infrared technology ensures maximum comfort and efficiency, and provides immediate comfort to a space and a uniform heat distribution with no air movement. Infrared heating provides the flexibility to completely heat an area; the ability to heat high ceilings, low ceilings and outdoor areas. Infrared heating systems use 40% less energy which reduces operating costs, and offers lower maintenance with fewer moving parts.

Watch this explainer video for a closer look at how Infrared Heating works and the benefits:

Infrared radiant heating

Infrared Radiant Heating

Infrared radiant energy directly heats people and objects at floor level.

Forced air heating

Forced Air Heating

With warm air heating, hot air rises. To heat people at the floor, the total space needs to be heated. This requires up to 65% more energy.

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