Required A/C Charge Adjustment

A new required charge adjustment on Legacy Line Single-Stage Air Conditioners has been put into place on the 1 1/2 and 2 ton models only. 

Contact the B-Y customer assurance team to learn more about the required charge adjustment. 


Condensing Units are usually factory charged for a 15 ft line set.  The 18K and 24K Sizes of the 114S, 24SCA4, and N4A4S condensers cannot hold enough charge for 15 ft of line set; additional refrigerant is required.  The Product Data only mentions this as a footnote at the bottom of the Physical Data Table. The installation Instructions mention it in the Check Charge section.  


Be aware of this change and properly adjust the charge. 

Add 18 oz. of refrigerant to the 18K units and 6 oz. of refrigerant to the 24K units to give you enough refrigerant for a 15 ft line set.  Then for all sizes, adjust the charge by adding or removing 0.6 oz/ft of 3/8 liquid line above or below 15 ft respectively. 

Use the Refrigerant Charge Adjustment Table if needed after you have made the initial adjustment. 

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