How To Fix a JB Revolver Leak Through

There have been reports of manifold leak through on the BALL VALVE MANIFOLD R22 R404 R410 60" CCLE HOSE SET J/B IND, product number: 26233. The manifold is leaking through and showing pressure on the other side. 

The solution to this occurrence is a repair kit with instructions on how to properly replace the seals in the Manifold set. We have this list of revolver repair parts to reference as well. 

Follow each step to complete the process:

You will need;  

#3) MR-BVK ball valve kit  

And possibly,  

(1-#8) MR-504 ¼” hose holder kit 

1. Clamp the manifold in a vice cushioned with cloth rags, firmly but gently.  

2. Apply some alcohol or window cleaner to use as a lubricant to the “o” ring that keeps the hose holder in place.  

3. Use a pair of screwdrivers, perpendicular, to pop the hose holder off from the retainer fitting.  

4. Use a 13/16” spark plug socket to unscrew the retainer fitting. (Do NOT use a 13/16” open end wrench or adjustable wrench.) 

5. You may need a hook tool to remove the white nylon gasket that holds the ball valve in place. They are not re-useable and are meant to be disposed of after removal.  

6. Mark the ball with a marker before removing to insure proper re-installation. And/or take a picture of the ball’s exact position before removal. This is easy to reverse on accident.  

7. Tilt the manifold to remove the ball, push the stem shaft inward to get it out of the way, then proceed to dig out the remaining gasket.  

8. Simply, reverse this procedure to finish repair.  

Note: You cannot overtighten the brass retainer, so don’t worry about torque. Lube the stem shaft’s 2 o-rings before replacing.  

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