Improving Indoor Air Quality: Humidity Control

Humidity is one item that almost every homeowner can relate to, in any season. By adding humidity to the air, customers can lower their thermostats and save on their heating costs. Humidifiers are relatively low cost, easy to maintain, and are great items to have on a “clean and check” call for media replacement. B-Y stocks humidifiers from AprilAire, Bryant, General Filters, and Honeywell Home (Resideo).

Removing humidity in warmer months is an important component to maintaining a comfortable environment as the temperatures rise. One area where dehumidifiers really shine is during “shoulder seasons”, where it is too cool outside to run air conditioning, but the humidity is high enough to make things feel sticky and uncomfortable. The addition of a dehumidifier also promotes energy savings, because the dry air naturally feels cooler, allowing customers to increase their thermostats and reduce energy consumption. B-Y stocks dehumidifiers from AprilAire, Bryant, Comfort AireGeneral Filters and Honeywell Home (Resideo).

Costs and Financing

If you are selling a new system, selling IAQ is even easier. By including IAQ devices as part of a new system, and explaining their benefits to the homeowner, it allows you to create a Good-Better-Best option, while demonstrating to the customer that you are an expert in your field and have their comfort in mind. It also allows you to maximize your labor by installing these items during setup, and not have to return to add these items later. Finally, with many homeowners choosing to finance new HVAC systems, the small added cost to a monthly payment is minimal when compared to the improved comfort they will have in their home.

Talking points for selling humidity control:

  • “Do you ever get shocked when you touch something after walking through your home?”
    • Getting shocks around the house in winter is something that no one enjoys and can be easily managed with the installation of a humidifier.
  • “Do you find yourself frequently uncomfortable because you can’t seem to get warm/cool enough?”
    • By controlling the amount of humidity in the air with the addition of a humidifier or dehumidifier, the homeowner can control the temperature and quality of the air.
  • “Do you ever feel sticky in your home, even though you have air conditioning?”
    • A dehumidifier will dry the air out, making it feel cooler and less sticky, and in turn promoting energy savings.
  • “Does your home ever smell musty or damp?”
    • Consistent wet, humid air can have an odor, but can be easily freshened with the addition of a dehumidifier.
  • “Do your energy costs seem too high?”
    • By adding humidity to the air in the winter, customers can lower their thermostats and save on their heating costs. Conversely, customers can cut back on the air conditioning in the summer by drying the air out with a dehumidifier.

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