Improving Indoor Air Quality: Sanitization

One of the biggest growth areas to come out of the COVID pandemic has been the use of Sanitization products in HVAC systems. Sanitization products can range from ion generators to ultraviolet (UV) lights, and many products use some combination of these technologies.

Ion generators or Bi-Polar Ionization works by generating positive and negative charges in the air stream that sticks to particles. This causes oppositely charged particles to stick together, becoming large enough to either fall to the floor or get trapped by the furnace filter. Ionizers also work on viruses, pollen, dander, dust and other microscopic particles in the air. The one-two punch of an ionizer and a good filter is very effective at reducing airborne contaminants. B-Y stocks ion generators from Nu-Calgon and RGF.

UV lights have been around for many years, but more recently have been used in the HVAC industry. UV lights work by emitting UV-C light that either kills biologics or modifies their DNA so they can’t reproduce. UV lights are very effective sanitizers, and are often mounted above coils to keep them clean and prevent the growth of mold and mildew. More recently, they have been shown to be very effective in the fight against COVID-19. Installation of UV lights is generally very straight-forward, requiring the installer to cut a hole in the ductwork and wire a transformer to power it. UV lights are either quartz bulbs or LEDs, and both are equally effective. B-Y stocks UV lights from Fresh-Aire UV and RGF.

Some manufacturers take a combination approach to sanitization. The RGF REME-HALO-Zero and REME-LED use UV light with a proprietary array to generate ions in a process called photocatalytic ionization. This allows them to generate ions to eliminate particles and odors, and then the UV bulb sanitizes the air stream. The APCO-X from Fresh-Aire UV uses a UV lamp to sanitize the airstream and the coil, and a carbon grid to trap and eliminate odors.

Costs and Financing

If you are selling a new system, selling IAQ is even easier. By including IAQ devices as part of a new system, and explaining their benefits to the homeowner, it allows you to create a Good-Better-Best option, while demonstrating to the customer that you are an expert in your field and have their comfort in mind. It also allows you to maximize your labor by installing these items during setup, and not have to return to add these items later. Finally, with many homeowners choosing to finance new HVAC systems, the small added cost to a monthly payment is minimal when compared to the improved comfort they will have in their home.

Talking points for selling sanitization:

  • “Do you or any of your family members suffer from allergies?”
    • Devices that use ionization cause particles, including pollen, dander, and dust, to clump together and either fall to the floor or become trapped by the filter, improving air quality.
  • “Are you or your family members concerned about catching the flu, colds, or other viruses, including COVID-19?”

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