Configuring The Variable Frequency Drive (Video)

Configuring or reconfiguring the Variable Frequency Drive at start-up is necessary because a factory setting may be incorrect or there may be an update needed. A new VFD comes with only basic HVAC configuration, and the blower won’t run until it’s configured properly.

First, you will need to purchase an ABB Remote keypad kit, CRDISKIT001A00. Factory installed VFDs do not come with keypad display, while replacement VFDs come with keypad installed. It is required to finish configuring the replacement VFD.

VFD start-up instructions can be found on HVAC Partners, on form IIVFD-07, and the instruction manual is included in CRDISKIT001A00. You can find the appendix chart on pages 34-39, and then locate the unit you are working on.

This video features a Bryant rooftop unit, part number 580JP16D350A2A0AD (located on page 35), and we’ll walk through the steps needed. For a different part number, the values may differ but the steps will be the same. This information will be listed on the blower door on newer RTUs.

Steps to configuring your VFD:

Install the keypad. (2:13 mark of the video)

  • Installed on the front of the new drive
  • A cat5 extension cable can be used so keypad can be held in your hand (CRDISKIT001A00 includes a cat5 cable)
  • Install keypad
  • Push the Off button on the key pad before configuration

Locate Bryant motor and drive number (not manufacturer part number) on the chart. (3:12 mark)

  • Motor HD58FE654
  • VFD HK30WA352
    • Find unit parameters on the chart.
    • Match motor HP and voltage if exact number isn’t found


On the keypad push the Menu button, and select Parameters. (5:00 mark)

  • Press Enter
  • Scroll to first parameter in this example, setting 99, then press select

Scroll to the first parameter, 9905: (5:35 mark)

  • Press edit
  • Set your voltage, in this case 230, and press save

Scroll to next parameter, 9906:

  • Press edit
  • Set your nominal amps, in this case 9.2, and press save

Complete 99 parameters in the same way:

  • Press exit

Scroll to next parameter, 12: (7:13 mark)

  • Press select

Scroll to 1201:

  • Press Edit
  • Set Constant speed setting 1201 to DI 2,3
  • Press save
  • Complete 12 parameters.

Continue across the chart until all parameters have been set.

  • Press Exit
  • Press Auto before removing key pad

If Start-up assistant has been used, you’ll need to reset to your defaults. (13:05 mark)

  • Change Parameter 9902 from HVAC Default to any Macro
  • Save changes
  • Change Parameter 9902 back to HVAC Default.      
  • Save changes
  • Program all parameters as listed earlier

TIC2019-0016 ABB VFD Updates (15:47 mark)

Parameters to help prevent nuisance VFD shutdowns. (These settings may have already been changed on newer RTUs.)

1611 set to (3)

2603 set to (0)

3102 set to (300.00 sec)

3103 set to (6)

3104 set to (1 Enable)

2102 set to (1 Coast)

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