Manual Reset Limit on Axion Blower (Video)

A recent service bulletin SMB190027 deals with the manual reset limit on the Axion blower.

First, confirm that you do need to change the limit and you’re not just getting a nuisance trip. Also, confirm that your static pressure is set correctly and your gas pressure, the motor itself, and all of the wire connections are attached properly. Only then should you change the reset limit.

Watch the video below:


1. Remove the 2 red wires from the stator limit switch, and connect them together with the splice connector.

2. Remove the manual reset fan limit switch from the stator, and install the new automatic reset limit.

3. Disconnect one of the leads from the unit leaving air temperature limit switch (either lead will work), and connect that lead to the fan stator limit switch.


4. Take 24 inch piece of wire, strip ends, and crimp female connectors.

5. Using the 24 inch jumper wire, connect the fan stator limit switch to the leaving air temperature limit switch.

6. When completed, the wiring for the two limit switches should have changed as shown in the diagram below.

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