Tankless Water Heater Tips

Servicing tankless water heaters is a practice that, as an industry, we are beginning to practice. A tankless unit cannot be treated the same as an old tank type water heater, they require service! They will need to be serviced on the gas side as well as the water side. 

Typical things to check are:

  • Burner for cleanliness
  • Heat exchanger for cleanliness
  • Source of ignition and flame sense for cleanliness
  • Inlet water screen for cleanliness

Another important step is to flush the heat exchanger to clean the hard water deposits. Watch the video below for instructions on how to complete this step with a descaler kit. B-Y also has biodegradable descalers available to help with this step. 

The frequency of the flushing can be reduced if a State Anti-Scale Product Preserver is installed in the potable hot water system. 

State’s newest water heaters with X3® Anti-Scale technology requires no de-scaling treatments for the life of the unit.  Tests showed tankless models with X3® Scale Prevention Technology maintained like-new efficiency after 15 simulated years vs. models without X3® Scale Prevention Technology showed 10% efficiency reduction in just 1.5 years. Talk to the B-Y Hydronics Experts to learn more about this new technology! 

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