Ductless Mini-Split Component Breakdown (Video)

Here’s an overview of the parts that make up the ductless mini split.

Here are the main components of a mini split:

  • The terminal strip of the outdoor unit
    • In and out power connections
    • Polarity is critical
  • The main control board
    • This is the brains of the unit
    • Power in and power out
    • AC to DC voltage
  • Thermistors
    • Outdoor ambient
    • Outdoor coil temperature
    • Compressor discharge temperature
  • EXVs
    • Valve
    • Motor
  • Reversing valve
    • Valve
    • Coil
  • Heaters
    • Crankcase
    • Pan Heater
  • The IPM
    • Compressor
    • Fan Motor
    • Connection to Main PC

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