Using the Point Check Function on a Bryant Heat Pump (Video)

To check the performance of your Bryant/Midea heat pump with a high wall fan coil, use the point check function, details of which can be found in the service manual for wireless remote (see page 9.) This allows the user to read through all five sensors on the unit’s digital display, and helps in troubleshooting the equipment and identifying potential problems.

To accomplish this, a rounded-style “service remote” is required, which has been standard with the Bryant and Midea equipment since 2017.

To get to the point check function, point the remote at the fan coil and press “LED” three times and then press “swing” three times. After waiting a moment, the digital display will switch over to showing the sensors.

  • The first sensor is T1, the return air sensor. The readings will be in Celsius, so use an app to convert that to Fahrenheit and make sure the numbers are in line.
  • T2 is the indoor unit coil temperature.
  • T3 is the outdoor unit coil temperature.
  • T4 is the outdoor ambient temperature.
  • T2B is the suction line sensor on a multi-zone unit, and not relevant on a one to one.
  • TP is the compressor discharge temperature. This reading is important to monitor because as it gets too hot it start to limit the performance of the compressor.
  • FT is the compressor target, measured in hertz.
  • FR is the actual frequency going to the compressor, also measured in hertz. Ideally these will read the same.
  • IF is the indoor fan, which tells the speed of the indoor fan.
  • OF is the outdoor fan speed.
  • LA is the EXV opening angle.
  • CR is compressor continuous run time.
  • ST is compressor stop, which indicates why the compressor is off, if it is.

To exit that mode, press any button on the remote. Refer to remote service manual for expected reading range.

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