How to Troubleshoot A Multi Zone Ductless Mini Split (Video)

The digital display on the Bryant/Midea multi zone ductless mini splits allows for troubleshooting on an outdoor unit, similar to what is possible on the indoor unit.

Follow these instructions to troubleshoot and understand fault codes on your unit.

First, remove the top cover on the single fan unit, and then remove the control box cover. 

Locate the two-digit display and the SW1 button.

In the service manual, locate the outdoor unit digital display table (pgs. 32-33.)

As you press the SW1 button, the display will count the number of times.

  • Press the button once to display the number of connected fan coils.
    • This number should match what are installed.
  • Press twice to display the outdoor unit running mode code.
  • Press 3 to 7x to display the capacity of each fan coil.
    • This is great for checking the unit’s connections.
  • Press 8 to 12x for the demand of each fan coil.
    • What is each calling?
  • Press 13x for total indoor unit demand.
  • Press 15x for frequency limits, if any exist.
    • Potentially limits are being added because of another issue
  • Press 16x for the frequency going to the compressor.
  • Press 17 to 21x for the evaporator outlet temperature for each zone.
  • Press 22 to 26x for the return air temperature for each zone.
  • Press 27 to 31x for evaporator coil temperature for each zone.
  • Press 32x for the condenser pipe temperature.
  • Press 33x for the outdoor ambient temperature.
  • Press 34x for the compressor discharge temperature.
  • Press 35x for the AD value of current.
  • Press 36x for the AD value of voltage.
  • Press 37-41x for the open angle for each zone.
  • Press 42x for the frequency limit symbol.
  • Press 43x for the average value of T2.
  • Press 44x for the outdoor unit fan motor state.
  • Press 45x for the last error or protection code.
  • Press 46x for the indoor unit capacity.
  • Press 47x for the indoor unit demand code.
  • Press 48x for the indoor unit evaporator outlet temperature.
  • Press 49x for the indoor unit room temperature.
  • Press 50x for the indoor unit evaporator temperature.
  • Press 51x for open angle for the indoor unit.

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