ZoomLock Braze-Free Fittings Can Make You More Profitable

Estimating the time it will take to complete a job isn’t easy. Get it wrong and it can adversely affect your business. The ZoomLock braze-free connecting process is one of those opportunities to drastically cut down on the time it takes to link copper refrigerant lines. Normally a time-consuming process, with ZoomLock a technician can join refrigerant lines in practically no time at all.

ZoomLock offers a solution that is easy to learn and has minimal setup and clean-up. It’s a flame-free process that produces highly repeatable and reliable connections and vastly improves safety on the job.

Key Benefits of ZoomLock:

ZoomLock is a safer way to connect refrigerant lines. There’s no solder, no gas, and no fire hazard, so ZoomLock is a safe solution. The fewer times you have to light up, the better off you are in a building under construction or a retrofit.

ZoomLock fittings save job time. With ZoomLock, just about any technician can join copper tubes without the need to know about brazing. If you are short on technicians trained for brazing and purging, ZoomLock becomes a great alternative.

You don’t need a hot work permit. With ZoomLock, a two-man job becomes a one-man job because you don’t need to worry about fire watch or fire safety. That’s a huge savings!

Your technicians require less equipment. It’s a much quicker process to skip getting out the oxygen-acetylene outfit and the purge tanks. This saves you time and money.

Learn more about the ZoomLock braze-free fitting at zoomlock.com, read about it in HVACR Business magazine and contact your Territory Manager to learn how to get started.